WATCH: O’Reilly Screaming, Krauthammer Breathless in Brutal Inauguration Fight


During the first program of the new year for Bill O’Reilly of Fox News, the top-rated cable news host devoted his “Talking Points Memo” segment to the decidedly sparse lineup of entertainers booked to perform at the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

O’Reilly maintained that the lack of top-echelon performers scheduled for the event was due to a sort of “reverse McCarthyism” in an entertainment industry consisting of liberals retaliating against conservatives by blacklisting them, according to Mediaite.

However, O’Reilly’s guest Charles Krauthammer disagreed with the host’s assessment of the situation, stating that O’Reilly had “presented no evidence to that effect” to support his claim.

O’Reilly became a bit heated as he pressed Krauthammer to accept his premise, insisting that performers who may have otherwise agreed to take part in the event were instead staying away out of fear that their future careers would be damaged if they were seen as supporting Trump.

But Krauthammer, noting the overwhelming predominance of liberals in the entertainment industry, figured the performers were refusing to take part in the ceremony simply because of their own political persuasions, not out of fear of being blacklisted by fellow entertainers.

O’Reilly shot back by implying that his guest would be OK with an artist being denied a job in the future because of participation in the inauguration, which prompted Krauthammer to reply, “They don’t want to play for Donald Trump. This is a republic. You are not summoned to perform for the king or for the dictator.

“In some places, if they call you to sing, you better show up,” he added.

But O’Reilly would not be swayed, and after noting some of the big names that performed at the 2000 inauguration of former President George W. Bush, stated, “There is very rank fear in the entertainment industry to be associated with President-elect Trump.”

But Krauthammer was unmoved from his stance as well, again noting the predominance of liberals in social venues like Hollywood and academia, noting sardonically that “you live with it the way you live with the weather.”

You can watch the sparks fly here:

This was a pretty fiery exchange, with O’Reilly shouting adamantly to get his point across and Krauthammer, who already struggles somewhat with breathing because of his condition — he was paralyzed in a diving accident as a young man — becoming increasingly shorter of breath as he countered his friend’s argument.

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