WATCH: The OJ Joke Everyone at the Oscars Hated But Mel Gibson Loved

The OJ Joke Everyone at the Oscars Hated But Mel Gibson Loved

The Oscars certainly had many memorable moments this year. As was predicted, a vast majority of the “jokes” told at the event were nothing more than uneducated Hollywood celebrities bashing President Donald Trump because they don’t like what he tweets.

There were a few decent jokes thrown in. One particular funny joke that largely fell flat on the overly sensitive Hollywood crowd was a joke made about O.J. Simpson, Independent Journal Review reported.

“I didn’t know we’d be doing this in 2017 either, but we are — that’s the simple fact of the matter,” Kimmel said after the documentary “OJ: Made in America” won an Oscar. “O.J., you get an extra slice of baloney on your sandwich tonight.”

While the audience groaned and booed at the joke, Mel Gibson started laughing over it, showing that not everyone in Hollywood is a hopeless case.

Kimmel’s joke was reference the fact that O.J. is currently serving what sounds like a very unpleasant prison sentence for an armed robbery sentence in Nevada. Prison baloney might be one of the more enjoyable parts of it.

It’s really sad that all those Hollywood types have no problem laughing at jokes made about Trump (jokes that are based on fake news reports), but get all uptight when someone cracks a joke about Simpson, a man that most of America believes is a murderer.

At least Gibson was there to show the world that not everyone in Hollywood is a politically correct prude who won’t dare laugh at something that was genuinely funny because they think the joke might offend some delicate snowflake. To be fair, there were a couple other people in the audience who cracked up, or at least smiled, at the joke, though the majority didn’t find it funny — or at least pretended not to.

It’s no wonder that most of America despises Hollywood actors. They are completely out of touch with the real world.

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