WATCH: MSNBC Host Ends Segment After Guest Slams Elizabeth Warren

MSNBC Host Ends Segment After Guest Slams Elizabeth Warren

For the past few months, liberals have gone into racism overdrive in response to President Donald Trump winning the 2016 presidential election. In the minds of these liberals, his victory meant a return to the 1800s in terms of race relations.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is one of those liberals. On Saturday, former Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth, a Republican, appeared on her show, “AM Joy,” to discuss Trump’s immigration policy, Newsbusters reported.

The conversation quickly devolved into Reid explaining that because Hayworth is a white male, he didn’t understand anything. Hayworth quickly shot back by pointing out how liberals have to bring race into almost everything — even when their facts are totally wrong.

“But I understand, well, I’ll tell you, we’ll take it out of — we’ll take it out of the ethnicity, although that’s tough when you take a look at the stunt that Elizabeth Warren pulled, and we know that she falsely claimed to be American-Indian,” he stated.

“What does Elizabeth Warren have to do with anything?” interrupted a clearly upset Reid.

“Well, because it’s another stunt in the Senate to set up aggrieved class …” Hayworth attempted to explain before he was cut off again.

“Wait a minute, OK, J.D., can I just tell you something? We’re going to end here, but, sir, sir, sir, you’ve talked about strawmen, but twice now you’ve answered questions with non sequiturs that have some sort of an ethnic base to them. Now, you’ve gone after Elizabeth Warren’s Native-American heritage, which is a complete non sequitur,” Reid stated.

So, Hayworth correctly pointed out that Warren isn’t an American-Indian, and that she did claim to be one for years — earning her the derisive nickname “Pocahontas.” But Reid apparently still thinks Warren is part Indian and shut down the conversation over that, claiming it was racist.

What a piece of work.

Liberals really can’t handle the truth when it comes to race issues. They always freak out when presented with facts and then retreat into their own little safe-space bubble where no one can tell them they’re are wrong — even if they are.

Reid really should step outside of the liberal bubble at MSNBC and get up to date on the real news before she embarrasses herself again.

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