WATCH: Missionary Fights Off Armed Brazilian Robbers

Missionary Fights Off Armed Brazilian Robbers

There are plenty of people you know not to mess with. Muscular guys who go by the nickname of “Tiny.” Mixed-martial-arts fighters. Mormon missionaries.

What, you didn’t know that last one? You will after you see this video out of Brazil, where a thug tried to rob two missionaries on the street at gunpoint, and one of them taught the hoodlum a lesson he won’t soon forget.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the video was from an incident Saturday in the Brazilian city of Manaus — a city that has the third-worst crime problem in the crime-ridden country, according to Brazil Business.

As you can see from the video, two missionaries in the typical attire — white shirt, ties, black pants — were standing on the sidewalk when two individuals on a scooter came up to them.

One pointed a gun in a missionary’s face — and quickly learned why he shouldn’t have done that.

One of the missionaries immediately disarmed the assailant and then pointed the gun back at him. That’s when the second assailant got off of the motor scooter and tried to get the gun back.

The missionary decided to throw it over a fence, and then began dispatching the other punk who had tried to rob him. That’s when a police officer showed up.

However, that didn’t stop the missionary, who continued landing harsh blows on the assailant:

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints confirmed that the video was authentic and that the men were attached to the Manaus mission. They declined to identify them or let much be known about them, other than that they were OK. They also declined to say whether any additional safety measures would be taken.

However, one thing is for sure: If you’re a robber and you think a Mormon missionary is an easy victim, this video is definitely going to have you thinking twice.

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