WATCH: Mike Pence Trolls WaPo For Remarks About His Dinner Habits

Mike Pence Trolls WaPo For Remarks About His Dinner Habits

There’s a campaign against the Islamic State group going on in Syria, and America’s health care system is crumbling faster than ever. Never mind that, though: The really important thing is who Mike Pence eats his dinners with.

Yes, the vice president’s vow not to eat alone with any woman who wasn’t his wife spread like wildfire across media, both traditional and social, last week. However, Pence got the last laugh during a speech in Ohio, getting huge laughs with a joke at the expense of The Washington Post piece that started it all.

Just in case you missed the kerfuffle, it all began back in 2002, when Pence told The Hill that he didn’t dine alone with women other than his wife Karen or attend events where alcohol would be served without her being present.

The throwaway line was missed back then, but it resurfaced in a profile piece on Karen Pence in The Washington Post last week — and the left lost its mind.

From long think pieces in the New Yorker and the Atlantic lamenting how this was proof that Pence was holding women back to reporters who tweeted that this was equivalent to Shariah law and that the vice president looked like a rapist, there was absolutely no shortage of freak outs to be found.

However, don’t say Pence doesn’t have a sense of humor.

During his speech in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, he told the audience: “Speaking of my wife Karen, she’s really sorry she couldn’t be with us today. She already had dinner plans.”

Video below:

He’s not the only one getting in on the action, either. During a Friday signing ceremony, President Donald Trump said of Pence, “I tell you one thing, he has one hell of a good marriage going.”

You’ve got to hand it to them — they took a ridiculous situation and made it hilarious. Bravo to them!

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