WATCH: Migrant Terrorizes Woman, Then Bad*** in Handicap Scooter Dishes Out Justice

Migrant Terrorizes Woman Then Bad in Handicap Scooter Dishes Out Justice

The moment a man in a motorized wheelchair drove through a gang of thug refugees terrorizing a news crew was caught on film, and it’s worth watching.

The video from last year showed immigrants harassing and assaulting a news crew from Australia that happened to be reporting on the European refugee crisis.

The crew, which included news reporter Liz Hayes and a couple of cameramen, had just arrived in the Rinkeby district of Stockholm where they prepared to interview some refugees, the U.K. Express reported.

They were met with hostility from the moment they arrived. Refugees, some wearing masks, threw bottles and rocks at the crew. One of the refugees assaulted a cameraman.

Hays said she felt the only reason she wasn’t attacked was because she was a woman.

“I’m pretty sure if I was one of the guys I probably would have been hit as well,” she told the Express.

After a few minutes of harassment, a person on a motorized scooter drove threw the crowd, knocking over one of the migrants and breaking up the scuffle. There was no mention of who the person on the scooter was, but there’s little doubt he or she arrived just in time.

The scooter enters the scene at about the 6:00 mark:

What an incredible act.

This video reminds us of the dangers associated with the refugee crisis.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Hayes said she didn’t expect any trouble covering the story because they were in Sweden — but she learned that no place is safe for extremism.

This violent outburst is what happens when a country doesn’t adequately protect itself. It also is another example of why America needs to follow through on vetting immigrants so we don’t end up with communities overrun by violent thugs.

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