WATCH: Media Move to Distract From Chilling Detail Video of Russian Amb. Captured


Radical muslims. Radical muslims. Radical muslims.

There. We can say it. Why can’t the media?

Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov was brazenly gunned down on Monday by a Turkish police officer while giving a speech at an art museum, the BBC reported. But if you saw any of the television coverage, you may have noticed something missing: the terms radical, extremist, Muslim or jihad.

Almost nowhere does any media report that one of the first (and most telling) things 22-year-old Mevlut Mert Altintas shouted was, “Allahu akbar!” (God is greater). Most of the liberal media have reported, with a straight face, that “the cause is still under investigation.”

Hmm. I believe the gunman announced his cause when he shouted “Allahu akbar.” On the video. Which was shown while the BBC’s Selin Girit explained in her voice-over, “We don’t yet know the motives of the gunman.”

Riiiiiiight. Of course we don’t.

The U.K. Guardian reported that Altintas also shouted, “We are the ones who pledged allegiance to Muhammad, to wage jihad.”

And yet somehow his motives remain a mystery to the mainstream media.

Jihad is the responsibility of every Muslim. To some, it means an inner struggle to persevere. To more extremist Islamists, jihad dictates a violent, external war on all infidels.

The omission of radical Islamic ties to so many acts of violence worldwide is not strategic but ideological, Dr. Sebastian Gorka told Fox News. Gorka denounced eight years of liberal policy and denial, charging President Barack Obama’s administration with believing that by being nicer to jihadis they could make the threat go away.

In his new book, “Defeating Jihad”, Gorka alleges that the 911 calls after the June 2016 Orlando nightclub massacre were redacted by Attorney General Loretta Lynch to remove the word “Allah” prior to release. Breitbart confirmed this account.

“Allahu akbar” (often misprinted as “Allah akbar”) has been used historically by Muslims as a battle cry during war. The prophet Muhammad ordered his followers to use it “in order to strike fear into the heart of your enemy.”

Are mainstream media telling half-truths and being selective about what they report in order to ignore jihadis and radical Muslims? Or worse yet, are they just practicing sloppy journalism?

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