WATCH: Massive Trump Rally Crowd Shouts Down Media With Brutal 3-Word Chant


During the Republican primary, now-Republican nominee Donald Trump had some of the largest campaign rally crowds that had ever been seen, and those crowds obviously helped him win.

During the general election, Trump has continued to draw massive crowds wherever he goes, but the liberal media has largely refused to even mentioned the size of his crowds.

At a rally in Cincinnati on Friday, the crowd started chanting “tell the truth,” in response to the media’s refusal to talk about Trump’s rallies, their wall-to-wall coverage of the claims of Trump sexually assaulting women (with no evidence) and how they have otherwise gone out of their way to crush the Trump campaign.

The thousands of people who have flocked to the Trump rallies know that the media is in the pocket of the Clinton campaign, so they have taken it upon themselves to make sure that everyone know just how massive the crowds are.

After every rally, photos of the crowds circulate among social media users, showing thousands of people both inside and outside the venue just waiting to hear Trump talk to them.

Multiple videos from the Friday rally showed a massive, energized crowd that was ready to make America great again. Meanwhile Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton has held relatively small events that aren’t nearly as a energetic … or as full.

The media has insisted that Trump’s rally sizes don’t necessarily mean that he will win the election, and that’s true — but they said the same thing during the Republican primary, and we all remember how that turned out.

Just because a couple of polls taken a month before the election don’t show Trump 10 points ahead of Clinton doesn’t mean that his campaign is doomed or that his loss is guaranteed. The fat lady hasn’t even started warming up yet.

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