WATCH: Man Shoots Armed Thug Who Tried To Rob Him In Broad Daylight


This is what happens when you have a well-armed citizenry.

An idiot in Buenos Aries, Argentina, walked calmly past a truck in this video, then returned to rob the driver, who just happened to be carrying $12,000 in cash, reported the U.K. Daily Mail.

The driver was carrying something else also: a weapon. Bang, bang, bang. Bad news for the dumb guy.

Justice is a dish best served cold. Here’s the video. (Warning: This footage is graphic.)

Closed Circuit TV cameras showed Ricardo Palazzo demanding his intended victim open his car door and even banging on the glass with his pistol when he didn’t get him to buckle immediately. The payoff? Lead in his groin and a shoulder.

Gonzalez shot him down with three shots. The thief was struck by a bullet on either shoulder and a third in the groin. The assailant was transferred to the Durand Hospital, where he was hospitalized in a what was termed a “delicate state, according to the Daily Mail.

Although the assailant initially appeared dead, he began to move after a moment and neighbors came out to keep the scene stable while the driver kicked away his gun and called the emergency operator.

It’s doubtful he’ll forget that bullet to the groin anytime soon.

Althogh initial CCTV footage indicated that the attempted robbery was opportunistic, the discovery that Mr. Gonzalez had more than $12,000 in workers’ wages on him made it likely that he had been targeted. The would-be robber was also carrying a 9 mm pistol … and a hand grenade.

Gun use laws in Argentina are have reportedly been a matter of contentious debate of late, with several recent shootings blurring the line between self-defense and justifiable homicide.

The 50 men due to receive their wages from the intended victim have now been paid, and Mr. Gonzalez was released after the shooting was ruled self-defense.

“He replied with his own firearm. He has a firearms licence,” said the judge in making his ruling.

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