WATCH: Libs Openly Call for Electors to Break the Law at Michigan Capitol


The Electoral College met Monday afternoon in state capitols across the country to cast official electoral votes according to how citizens in their states voted.

Despite the electoral votes being something of a formality, angry and delusional anti-Trump protesters gathered at their respective state capitol buildings in a futile and misguided attempt to persuade or intimidate electors into not voting for President-elect Donald Trump.

In Michigan, about 200 of them gathered in Lansing to pressure the state’s 16 electors into abandoning Trump at the last moment, pleading with them to cast a vote for anyone other than Trump — in violation of state law, according to The State News.

However, even if they had succeeded in changing the minds of any or all of the electors, it wouldn’t have mattered, as Michigan electors are bound by state law to vote for the candidate chosen by the voters of the state, according to WZZM.

In fact, had any of those electors been swayed to change their minds, they simply would have been replaced by alternate electors who would cast votes as the state’s voters intended.

The protest started outside the capitol building but eventually moved inside as protesters escaped the frigid cold to take up positions on the second and third floors of the building, encircling the balcony and filling the cavernous room with a variety of anti-Trump chants.

You can see some of it here:

It was all for naught though, as the 16 electors enthusiastically and unanimously voted to elect Trump, as reported by the Lansing State Journal.

“Our founding fathers created a system of checks and balances, whereas (sic) no president has ever been elected by direct popular vote but by a system described in the Constitution,” read Livonia elector Ken Crider from a resolution before the vote. “Donald J. Trump won Michigan’s popular vote by the narrowest margin in Michigan’s history, winning 306 of 270 electors needed to secure his place in history as our 45th president of the United States of America.”

The protesters saw things differently, though, and continued to waste their breath demanding that electors become “faithless” and “reject the president-elect” by supporting someone other than Trump.

Trump won Michigan by just over 10,000 votes, the first time the state has gone for a Republican since 1988.

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