WATCH: Libs Literally Gasping After Trump Adviser “Comes in Hot” on Sunday Shows

Libs Literally Gasping After Trump Adviser Comes in Hot on Sunday Shows

An admittedly inartful attempt by President Donald Trump’s recently appointed senior adviser Stephen Miller to explain Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the nation’s judiciary branch “has taken far too much power and become in many case a supreme branch of government” wound up severely triggering two MSNBC hosts.

According to a transcript from CBS, Miller was at the time speaking with host John Dickerson about the 9th Circuit’s Court of Appeals stunning ruling to leave in place a previously ordered injunction against the president’s immigration moratorium.

It was the senior adviser’s contention that by upholding the injunction, the court had violated its constitutional powers, as the moratorium was completely within the bounds of the executive branch’s own power.

“One unelected judge in Seattle cannot remake laws for the entire country,” Miller said. “I mean this is just crazy, John, the idea that you have a judge in Seattle say that a foreign national living in Libya has an effective right to enter the United States is — is — is beyond anything we’ve ever seen before.

“The end result of this, though, is that our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned,” he added.

Unfortunately, this statement did not sit well with MSNBC hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough.

Watch their reaction below:

Writing for Hot Air on Monday, commentator Ed Morrissey noted that this reaction — accusing Moore of displaying authoritarian tendencies — was just silly.

“He put it clumsily, without question, but it’s clear from the context that Miller isn’t arguing that judges don’t have the authority to ‘review things’ the Trump administration does,” Morrissey wrote.

“How do we know that? If Miller meant it that way and it reflected the Trump administration view, the White House wouldn’t bother with appeals within the judiciary, or with the rumored replacement” executive order.”

Instead, what Miller was driving at was that the judiciary branch had “overstepped its authority,” according to Morrissey, and Trump planned to fight back — within legal bounds, mind you — because permitting judges to simply rewrite statues would be wrong — and unconstitutional.

There you have it. What these two MSNBC hosts — as well as a litany of other liberal media talking heads — threw a hissy fit over was a veritable nothing burger.

Nice try, though.

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