WATCH: Liberal Gender Specialist Self-Destructs LIVE

Liberal Gender Specialist Self-Destructs LIVE

When the Trump administration announced that it was rescinding “guidance” from the Obama administration requiring schools to open their bathrooms to any individual on the basis of the gender they identified as, there was a hue and cry in the liberal community unlike any we’d seen since … well, the last thing President Donald Trump did that they didn’t like.

It didn’t take long for the administration and those who supported its policy to be called “bullies,” “bigots” and even “monsters.” That last term came from DNC senior adviser Zac Petkanas, who called the administration that word via Twitter.

Petkanas decided — probably against his better judgment — to go on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show to defend his position. And like a multitude of other liberal knights before him who have tried to slay the formerly bowtied conservative dragon of the 9 p.m. time slot, he ended up getting roasted on live TV.

Carlson began by asking whether Petkanas thought the Obama administration was similarly “monstrous,” considering that it had waited seven years to issue the Title IX guidance stated that biological gender was not the only gender covered under the 1972 legislation prohibiting sexual discrimination in education.

“I’m giving President Obama extraordinary praise for taking excessive action to protect these vulnerable kids and I am saying that Donald Trump is not only a monster but he’s a coward,” Petkanas said. “We’re talking about somebody who is so emasculated by Vladimir Putin … That he has to come back and pick on vulnerable kids. These kids are the most vulnerable children in the country.”

Petkanas got a little less loquacious when they moved “from the politics to the science.”

“There’s no biological anchor to sex anymore. It’s all determined by the individual,” Carlson said. “So my obvious question for you is, how do I know if a person’s male or female? Is there some absolute standard people have to meet to be male or female, other than what they say?”

“One’s gender identity is enough to show what gender they are,” Petkanas answered.

“There are massive implications of this that everyone is either too dumb or too embarrassed to explore, but let’s do so now,” Carlson added. “If your sex is what you say it is, then what prevents me from playing on a women’s field hockey team? What prevents me from getting convicted of a felony and demanding to go to a women’s prison?”

Petkanas said that these were “silly hypotheticals,” clearly a sign he hasn’t been reading the news lately.

That’s when Carlson laid down a challenge to Petkanas: “I want you to name a single scientist, just one, who says you can determine your own sex just by saying so,” he said. “What’s the science exactly that you are what you say you are? Can I change my race too?”

Petkanas said no, saying that “this is about inherently who people are.”

Doesn’t that make him a science denier? Whatever, you can see the exchange here:

No, it’s not just you; Petkanas seemed to be a bit fuzzy on the scientific facts.

But for liberals, it isn’t about facts; what you feel is what makes good public policy. So long as what you feel is liberal.

This proves in microcosm just how intellectually bankrupt the ideological underpinnings of the left are on this issue. The science, such as it is, has nothing to do with it. It all has to do with “tolerance” — and anyone who disagrees is a bigoted scoundrel.

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