WATCH: Lewandowski Says “Washington Is Broken” And Trump Will Fix It


First, the backstory: President-elect Donald Trump parted ways in June with seasoned campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. And yet Lewandowski, most recently a CNN commentator, remains dedicated to Trump’s policies and his potential to change Washington politics.

When you let someone go and they remain loyal, that says a lot.

Lewandowski told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Friday, “Washington is broken, and until now, we have not had a leader who has not been beholden to special interests that is willing to go and change it.”

“Donald Trump is the change agent. The American people see it now, now the networks are seeing it, and they are going to have a great year moving forward, because Trump is going to change Washington for the better.”

Lewandowski has nothing but praise for his former boss, enumerating the already-stunning leadership Trump is showing weeks prior to assuming office.

“Donald Trump, in the first four weeks of his presidency, has done more to help this country than I think Barack Obama has done in the last four years,” he said in an different interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday.

Lewandowski, who is reported by Politico to be a potential pick for a spot in Trump’s administration, said Trump has a shown a stronger “commitment” to the U.S. military and American businesses than the Obama administration’s second term by vowing “to reduce the amount of government regulations so they can continue to grow” at a rate higher than the current economy.

“His presidency is summed up in two words: America first,” Lewandowski said. “I love it.”

It should be noted that Lewandowski is a political operative who is still bound by a nondisclosure agreement with the Trump campaign. However, while that might keep him from saying negative things about the president-elect, it certainly doesn’t require him to speak positively about him — or at all.

Lewandowski clearly shares the hopes of all Americans that Trump will be the president who creates jobs, protects American economic interests and secures our borders from foreign threats.

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