WATCH: Large Man In Verbal Confrontation With Skinny Man Gets Knocked Out

Large Man In Verbal Confrontation With Skinny Man Gets Knocked Out

There are many videos on the internet showing fights between individuals that take unexpected turns and end up defying expectations.

One of these videos showed two men apparently arguing in a parking lot. One of the men was heavyset and clearly not in very good shape, while the other was relatively skinny.

It is unclear where this argument took place or what it was about. What is clear is that at one point the skinny man got fed up with the conversation and punched the heavier man right in the face.

You can watch the fight here (WARNING: Strong language):

The heavier man went down instantly, knocked out cold, as the people who were filming the incident gasped in surprise. It is unknown what happened after that, as the video of the altercation ended there.

We should warn you that, as with most videos on the internet, it is impossible to verify the context or authenticity of this footage. It is possible this was a staged incident, though given the amount of censored swearing in it, that seems less likely.

Several comments underneath the video hypothesized that the skinnier man was actually skilled in the art of boxing, as he appears to prepare himself to deliver his knockout blow a few seconds before he let his fist fly.

The man who was knocked out probably felt a lot of pain and humiliation when he woke up. Hopefully he didn’t sustain any permanent damage from the knockout blow he received.

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