WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Slams Media for Unfair Coverage of Trump

Kellyanne Conway Slams Media for Unfair Coverage of Trump

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway wants to know why some reporters who unfairly covered President Donald Trump still have jobs.

Conway appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and wondered when the mainstream media outlets were going to clean house and get rid of reporters and pundits who have done nothing but trash Trump for the past year and a half.

Conway used last week as an example of how the liberal media were behaving irresponsibly regarding the Trump administration. She explained that after she spoke for more than 30 minutes on three different talk shows, the thing they ran with was her use of the term “alternate facts,” not the fact that she talked about the millions of Americans who were living in poverty and had no health insurance.

She added that all Americans should be outraged by such lousy reporting.

The former campaign manager also said most of the liberal news outlets were trying to play “gotcha” with Trump.

She then said that not one person in the media who “talked smack” about the president had been let go for embarrassing a network. If the mainstream media were a “real business,” she said, those who misreported the news would be gone already.

She added that with a free press comes responsibility and that it is the media’s responsibility to cover all the facts. Biased coverage is easy to detect, she said, but incomplete coverage is much harder, and the mainstream media are guilty of “cherry picking” what they report on a daily basis.

Watch Conway’s marks below. The statements about the liberal media begin around the 15:30 mark:

There’s not much to add to Conway’s commentary about the mainstream media. They did embarrass themselves during the election and sadly show no signs of changing their biased coverage of Trump.

It’s a shame that liberal news outlets have turned out to be completely unreliable, but the good thing is that they’re not fooling anyone.

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