WATCH: Judge Jeanine Reveals Ugly Truth About Democrat Leadership


Judge Jeanine Pirro offered some hard truth to a Democrat Party still reeling from presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s devastating loss in November.

Appearing “Fox & Friends,” Pirro said that by refusing to accept the election results and learn from them, Democrats were risking their future.

“We’ve got a Democratic Party that cannot come to grips with what has happened,” she said. “We had a terrific candidate and they had a candidate who should have been indicted 86 times.”

Pirro went on to explain that by re-electing Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader, the Democrat Party was moving in the wrong direction.

“What you’re seeing is the Democrats, who have never been able to tolerate Republicans and what it is that we believe in — like the Constitution,” the judge stated. Democrats simply can’t accept the notion that Trump won for reasons that had to do with jobs, the economy, and fundamental freedoms that the Constitution protects, she said.

They can’t accept those reasons, so then they must create a “Pravda-like narrative” that Trump’s supporters are racist, hateful people.

It’s literally all they’ve got, and thinking Americans simply aren’t buying it.

You can watch the segment here:

It’s hard to disagree with Pirro about how the Democrats are responding to the election. They are wearing thin the line that Trump supporters are racist, bigoted and homophobic. They are also exhibiting the same problem as their presidential candidate — living too much in the past and ignoring the voice of the people.

Democrats appear to be reaching back toward leftist policies and candidates while the rest of America is excited about the kind of future Trump can bring. Democrats can’t get a grip, so they continue to name call.

In the end, however, insulting people doesn’t win elections — and that’s a lesson the Democrats have refused to learn.

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