WATCH: Jesse Watters Confronts Man Who Harassed Ivanka Trump on Flight


Dan Goldstein, the liberal attorney who shot to infamy after a video of him harassing Ivanka Trump and her children on a JetBlue flight emerged on social media, has recently been considerably more reticent than he was on that late December day out at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

According to CBS News, Goldstein and his “husband” were kicked off the JetBlue flight for the incident but weren’t terribly upset about it at first. Goldstein’s “husband,” Hunter College professor Matthew Lasner, tweeted that they were kicked off after “my husband expressed displeasure about flying w/Trumps.”

Well, actually, he was kicked off the plane for yelling, “Your father is ruining our country. You should be flying private. Now you are ruining our flight,” at Ivanka and “jeering” at her children, according to Fox News. But hey, why let the facts get in the way of a good Trump story?

Now, it seems that Goldstein is a bit less psyched about confrontation, especially since Fox News‘ Jesse Watters caught up with him. In an on-the-street confrontation aired this weekend, Goldstein hid his face as Watters gave him a chance to apologize.

Take a look:

“You harassed a woman with her baby on a flight. You proud of that?” Watters asked him. “Real class act, aren’t you? Now you’re afraid to show your face?”

If that seems a bit harsh to you, consider how this man got to this point. It wasn’t by expressing his political grievances in an appropriate manner. He got himself kicked off of a JetBlue flight for harassing someone because of her father. Now it seems that he doesn’t believe he’s fair game in the same way that he believes others are.

Keep in mind that Watters offered him a chance to apologize, too, which he flatly turned down. He’s also refused to apologize since the incident. He just hopes it will go away.

Good luck on that one, Mr. Goldstein. You are to Trump supporters what Steve Bartman is to Cubs fans. No, you may not be responsible for all of the hyperbolic partisan loathing of conservatives we’ve seen in the media since the election. However, you have — through your own lack of self-control — made yourself the avatar of that sort of thing. I do hope you enjoy it.

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