WATCH: Islamic Teacher Exposes Fake News Story on Trump… Even Muslims Sick of Lies on Trump

Islamic Teacher Exposes Fake News Story on Trump Even Muslims Sick of Lies on Trump

Last week, when President Donald Trump put into place an executive order that instituted a temporary travel ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, liberals made sure that no one, no one, missed that they were displeased.

One of the many stories that circulated within left-wing circles was that of Mike Hager, a man who served with both United States Marines and Army forces, who claimed that his mother died of illness because she was not allowed to come to the United States due to the travel ban, according to Detroit’s WJBK.

The only problem with that is it’s an utter lie.

Unfortunately, Hager’s mother did pass away — but it was on Jan. 22, five days before Trump’s executive order, according to Imam Husham Al-Hussainy, leader of the Karbalaa Islamic Educational Center in Dearborn, Michigan, who reportedly knows the Hager family.

“She did die but that was a couple weeks ago — before the ban,” the imam, who also said he had voted for Trump, told WJBK.


Furthermore, he said that he supported Trump’s action.

Check out the report here:

“There is confusion. There is a mix that they have to distinguish between good refugees and bad refugees and if this is what it takes to stop them for a while, to screen them, that’s fine for the security of the country,” he said.

He isn’t the only Muslim to understand the limitations the president has put into place. Just like the rest of us, many American Muslims are getting sick of the mainstream media’s lies.

Legendary sniper Chris Kyle’s Iraqi interpreter recently came out in support of the measures taken on Fox News.

Raheel Raza, a Pakistani-born Muslim human rights activist, told Fox News that, “It’s not a ban on Islam, or any religion. There is so much hysteria surrounding this order that it’s unfortunately barring reason and logic. Trump is not politically correct at all. (If he wanted to) he would say outright that it was a Muslim ban.”

That’s actually a good point. If Donald Trump wanted to ban Muslims, he’d likely just say, “Hey, I want to ban Muslims,” and that would be an entirely different issue. The fact is, Trump just doesn’t really care enough about his popularity to censor such things.

And the mainstream media doesn’t care enough about the truth to get their facts straight, apparently.

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