WATCH: Islamic Leader Reveals When to Give Wife Chocolates and When to Beat Her… We’re Not Joking

Islamic Leader Reveals When to Give Wife Chocolates and When to Beat Her Were Not Joking

A senior Islamic leader revealed in an interview Wednesday evening that during an argument between spouses, the husband should beat his wife only as a “last resort,” i.e., after he has first tried calming her nerves with some good old-fashioned “chocolates and flowers.” Hmmmm.

Keysar Trad, president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, delivered this opinion to Sky News Australia host Andrew Bolt in discussing a verse from the Quran that Bolt found disturbing, according to News Corp Australia’s

According to the verse in question, “It is permissible for him (the husband) to beat her (the wife) light(ly) with his hands.”

“What that verse is really putting as a scenario is if you come home and you’re really, really angry — we’ve seen many men act violently towards their women — what this verse is saying really is playing on the psychology of the man, saying violence is a last resort,” Trad tried explaining in defense of the verse.

“The first thing you must do is counseling,” he continued. “Maybe next time you should bring her a bunch of flowers, maybe next time you should bring her a box of chocolates, maybe next time you should take her out to dinner.”

“And then beat her?” Bolt interjected. “If you still don’t see sense, beat her. That’s what that says. I’m reading the Quran.”

Bingo. Trad can try explaining away the Quran’s repugnant words all he wants, but we all know what it means. Listen to the relevant portion of the interview below, and pay special attention to Bolt’s facial expressions:

The Sky News host did not appreciate the Muslim leader’s defense of the Quran. Nor did others in Australia, where fierce backlash reportedly broke out after this interview aired.

Trad has since attempted to backtrack, citing his “clumsy attempt to explain a verse from the holy Quran” as the reason why so many have allegedly misinterpreted the Islamic text’s words, The Australian reported.

Yeah, OK …

Let’s be real. The Quran contains violent, misogynistic and backward imagery that is not easy to explain away. Trad certainly hasn’t gotten the job done. We truly hope that moderate Muslims will rescue their religion from this sort of thing. If they don’t, we’re all in trouble.

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