WATCH: Ice Road Nightmare… Multiple Vehicles Crunched by Run-Away Snowplow

Ice Road Nightmare Multiple Vehicles Crunched by Run-Away Snowplow

You would think that after living half the year in a frozen hellscape where it snows incessantly, Canadians would be better at driving in the white stuff.

Unfortunately, this is a country where there are 110 yards in a football field and Nickelback passes as a rock band. It seems that despite their long and storied history, our neighbors to the north can’t get a lot of things right — and one of them is driving.

In one Canadian city, a video showing a bus slamming into a pile of cars at the end of an icy road is making its way around the internet.

Check out the video that everyone’s talking aboot:

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According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the incident happened in early December in Montreal. Most of it was recorded by a Montreal office worker named Kevin Clark


The best part is clearly the amazing commentary from Canadian curling sensation Jennifer Jones, who Wikipedia tells me is a member of the first Manitoba-based team to win the Olympic gold medal.

Can’t get enough curling coverage in the four years between winter olympiads? Watching cars get crushed while having it announced by a curling star is either almost as awesome or twice as awesome, depending on just how much you like curling.

Perhaps the most amazing thing is that not one but two buses got caught in this whole mess. I’m not surprised when everyday drivers end up in situations like this because winter makes a lot of motorists stupid, and any country that believes poutine is an acceptable food can’t be a whole lot smarter than we are. (The same goes for their politics, with a prime minister who thought the world of Fidel Castro.)

However, the buses — after the first bus crashed, wouldn’t the driver call dispatch and tell the rest of the fleet to stay away from the hill? And as for the snowplow, well … that’s just the icing on the cake for this mess. I haven’t seen a police car get smashed like that since the last time “Smokey and the Bandit” was on cable.

It is yet another reminder, though: Be careful out there this winter. While this video is funny, winter weather is serious. Our country’s seen a few major storms this winter, and I have to imagine it’s only going to get worse.

Be careful out there, people. It’s funny until your family are the ones at risk.

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