WATCH: Huge Effect of Liberal Fake News Exposed… People Think U.S. Terror Threat Is Fake


The fake news narrative is the news lately, with President-elect Donald Trump often — but not always — the target. The election is over, yet fake news is everywhere. So here’s a thought to chew on: Who benefits from fake news?

If we answer that question honestly, it begins to appear that liberals are playing the “long game,” a master plan for long-term change to society as a whole. Intentionally or not, the proliferation of fake news sometimes seems designed not only to discredit Donald Trump and distract us from failed liberal policies, but also — much more dangerously — to make us think the very real terror threat our country faces doesn’t exist.

By not knowing which news to believe, many Americans believe nothing (or, in some cases, nearly everything). Thinking for ourselves is harder than accepting what we’re told — especially from a trusted source — and we can therefore sometimes be manipulated because we don’t know much for sure anyway.

Case in point: “Never forget.”

That was the rallying cry after Sept. 11, 2001, when the United States suffered a devastating attack in New York City, Washington, D.C., and western Pennsylvania. We were solid, we were determined, and we were united of purpose. We vowed to vanquish terrorism wherever we found it.

But after 15 years, the liberal narrative has changed the landscape, Townhall reported. Some people are more willing to say that the Islamic State group spreading across America is fake news than that Russia’s hacking of the Democrats is fake news (never mind that Russia didn’t actually hack anyone — one of Hillary Clinton’s henchmen gave them his password).

Has “never” arrived? You decide. Have a look at this video, but be forewarned of some offensive language:

But it’s more than that. Have you noticed that no one was talking about “fake news” at all, until suddenly everyone was talking about it?

Here’s a graph from Google showing user interest in “fake news” as a search term:

Fake news graph

Notice the upsurge in fake news right about Oct. 30, about a week prior to the general election? This is a “Hail Mary pass” if ever there was one, a final attempt to sink  and it failed. From there, the spike continues, and it clearly corresponds to rumors of Russian election hacking.

Intentional? That’s hard to prove, but it’s easy to see who benefits from this trend: the Democrats, whose friends in the liberal media get to decide what is and isn’t “fake news.” As a result, the results of liberal policies — like eight years of being soft on radical Islamic terror — wind up, in the public mind, as “fake,” but the general election being stolen from Hillary Clinton by evil Russian hackers, that’s totally legit.

And all that happened before Facebook partnered with a bunch of left-leaning organizations to take even more control over the news Americans receive.

George Orwell might have been too optimistic.

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