WATCH: Here’s The Trump-Themed Christmas Video That’s Going Super Viral


On the third day of Christmas, the Electoral College gave to me … a president I can respect and support. Don’t you just hear the sleigh bells already?

I’d have brought you this story yesterday, but I’ve been laughing for 24 hours and was unable to type.

In what has to be the most creative Christmas video in decades, the powerhouse singer-songwriter Dana Kamide has given us a new classic, brought to us by The Daily Caller. It’s full of Christmas spirit, and sure to leave you smiling and humming.

Here’s the video. Enjoy and laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

The beautifully produced video spared no ironic moment of the campaign and America’s frustration with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s dismissal of the voters who truly counted.

Opening with a clip of Jimmy Stewart in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” George Bailey pleads not to Clarence the angel, but to president-elect Donald Trump to set the world back on the correct path.

Our new commander in chief-elect plays a starring role, movin’ and groovin’ with his cabinet members and some dancing reindeer. The ding-dongs (bells) are played by — who else — Minority Leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid.

Kamide didn’t spare the liberal press either, taking them to task for slanted reporting and outright lies about Trump and for their pro-Clinton bias.

As Clinton runs amok in her pajamas, Trump tosses her celebrity supporters into a sewer pipe and the video completely devolves into fireworks and merriment.

There’s no nicer way to celebrate the season. A hilarious Christmas to you and yours.

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