WATCH: Gutfeld Has Single Best Takedown of Anti-Trump Celebs EVER… “Throwing Up…”

Gutfeld Has Single Best Takedown of Anti-Trump Celebs EVER

Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld tore into celebrity leftists who planned to protest President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

In an episode of “The Five,” Gutfeld pointed out how many of the liberals who claimed that Trump was sexist, homophobic and racist were “defending actual sexists, homophobes and racists in the Islamo-fascist lands operating in plain view.”

He added that he understood why they might be concerned about a Trump presidency, pointing out that Trump had a big ego and could be impulsive like a child.

“In a word, he’s like you, the celebrity. That could explain your anger. He did it and you didn’t. And now, you cool kids are ignored, wondering why no one cares about what you say anymore,” he continued.

He also slammed a cover of Variety Magazine, which showed Michael Moore and other Hollywood leftists looking dejected, holding an American flag and asking the question, “Now what?”

“Are you done throwing up?” Gutfeld asked viewers, because the cover was sickening.

Have a look at Gutfeld’s take on the collective celebrity meltdown below (WARNING: Language may be offensive to some):

Not many people can say it like Gutfeld, and it’s hard to argue with him on how liberal celebrities are still melting down over Trump’s win.

It’s sad and depressing to think that we might have to endure the endless whining for months, maybe years, as they carry on about how frightened they are regarding the future of this country.

Gutfeld is right. Most thinking Americans don’t care about what celebrity crybabies think about politics or much of anything else. They live in a bubble, and their inability to relate to average Americans has turned them into some of the biggest snobs on the face of the earth.

Celebrities simply need to learn to deal with a Trump presidency — just like Republicans had to learn to deal with a reckless, narcissistic President Barack Obama.

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