WATCH: What Grocery Store Does on Veterans Day Leaves Vets, Civillians Cheering


The Food City supermarket chain released an amazing minute-long television commercial this week in honor of Veterans Day, and not a single portion of it made references to groceries or any other supermarket products.

Instead the commercial featured a young service member returning home to find his grandfather standing in front of their home dressed in uniform and greeting him with a hearty salute.

Likewise, it ended with the rest of the family rushing in to greet the returning soldier as the following caption was displayed: “Celebrating Freedom and those who provide it. Food City.”

Take a look at the commercial below:

Speaking with Fox News, company spokesman Kevin Stafford explained that the commercial’s message centered on “bringing families together.”

“It’s God, it’s country, it’s family — and then it’s Food City,” he said. “The country and what it means is extremely important to our company.”

And he was not lying. Every Food City store reportedly features an American flag waving outside. Moreover, the company’s founder, Jack Smith, served in the Navy and has therefore always held a deep appreciation in his heart for those men and women who serve.

The appreciation runs so deep, in fact, that every new store opening is followed by a flag raising ceremony, according to Stafford.

“We open up with a prayer and do the Pledge of Allegiance and we sing the National Anthem and the service members do the flag raising,” he said.

This is exactly the sort of patriotism that is loved by the American people, who take great pride in both their nation and the service members who defend it.

Many others American companies and organizations, including the NFL, need to take notes from Food City, the sooner the better.

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