WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Slams Robert Redford’s Take on Modern Journalism

Greg Gutfeld Slams Robert Redfords Take on Modern Journalism

On Monday’s episode of Fox News’ “The Five,” co-host Greg Gutfeld tore into Hollywood actor and pretend political commentator Robert Redford for penning a fear-mongering column last week in which he drew a false equivalence between President Donald Trump and disgraced former President Richard Nixon.

“When President Trump speaks of being in a ‘running war’ with the media, calls them ‘among the most dishonest human beings on Earth’ and tweets that they’re the ‘enemy of the American people,’ his language takes the Nixon administration’s false accusations of ‘shoddy’ and ‘shabby’ journalism to new and dangerous heights,” Redford wrote for The Washington Post.

He went on to paint a picture of a dystopian world in which the truth was being buried by the “corrupt and criminal presidency” of Trump. As was duly noted Monday by Gutfeld, however, the Hollywood actor was completely full of it.

“Now Redford calls for brave journalism in order to restrain the power-hungry,” he said. “How odd that this is only when his side is out of power? But like a child’s diaper, Redford is full of it.

During his eight long years in power, former former President Barack Obama’s groupies in both Hollywood and the liberal media made nary an attempt to take him to task for his abhorrent behavior and violations of law. Yet now, all of a sudden, their unhealthy rage at Trump is spurring them — particularly the media — into “rediscovering their job,” said the Fox News co-host.

“He’s made them great again because they hate him so much,” he explained. “I mean, what would Redford be doing, or the media-entertainment cabal be doing, in general, if Hillary were president? Nothing. Or rather nothing on her. They’d have to return to bashing cops and labeling everyone racist.”

Listen to his take below:

The fact of the matter is that were the media truly in danger, liberal reporters and editors would not be publishing endless pieces deriding the leader of the free world as a racist, a bigot, an Islamophobe, a Nazi, etc. Instead, they would be cowering underneath a desk somewhere.

“So, Robert can warn the world that the press is in danger, but Trump proves him wrong by the endless media frenzy his election has caused,” Gutfeld concluded. “And by comparison, Trump exposes what shameless shills they were for so long under Obama, coveting, not covering a president. Maybe Redford can make a movie about that — call it ‘Love Story.’”

Granted, the Hollywood actor had been right about one thing — the truth is indeed in danger of being buried, but not by Donald Trump. It is the fake, disingenuous, charlatan media and its Hollywood cohorts who care more about smearing the president than reporting the truth who are holding the shovels.

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