WATCH: Gorsuch Gracefully Answers Pointed Question From Feinstein

Gorsuch Gracefully Answers Pointed Question From Feinstein

As Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch has been going through his Senate confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill, liberals have tried — and failed — to discredit the highly qualified judge.

One of the biggest failures came from Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, who attempted to portray Gorsuch as a corporate sympathizer during Tuesday’s hearing.

Feinstein questioned whether the judge would “give workers a fair shot,” suggesting Gorsuch wouldn’t help “little guys.” But the judge who received the American Bar Association’s highest rating for the high court showed he was ready with a flawless response — a list of cases in which he did fight for the “little guy” throughout his career.

“I’m just looking for something that would indicate that you would give a worker a fair shot,” the senator told Gorsuch. “Maybe it’s in your background somewhere that I don’t know about, but I’d like to have you respond to that any way you can.”

And boy did he respond.

“I’ve participated in 2,700 hundred opinions over 10-and-a-half years,” he said. “And if you want cases where I ruled for the little guy as well as the big guy, there’s plenty of them, Senator.”

Feinstein asked Gorsuch if he would be “willing to submit” some of those cases.

“I’ll name a bunch of them right now,” he responded. “Ute 5 and 6, Fletcher, the Rocky Flats case, which vindicated the rights of people who had been subject to pollution from large companies in Colorado — uranium pollution.”

Gorsuch also listed “the Magnesium case, a similar pollution case in the  Salt Lake City area. Orr v. City of Albuquerque, involving pregnancy discrimination in a police department in Albuquerque. WD Sports, a discrimination claim. Casey, Energy West, Crane, Simpson v. CU, involving young women who had been harassed by the football team. AM, Browder, Sutton.

“I can give you a long, long list,” he concluded, leaving Feinstein looking embarrassed — as she should have been for attempting to discredit such a qualified judge and obviously not doing her homework before attacking him on something she knew nothing about.


The truth is that Judge Gorsuch was an excellent choice to fill the seat left vacant by late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

He is, by all accounts, a fair, intelligent and respectable judge we could all be proud of.

Unfortunately, Democrats, such as Feinstein, have been so concerned with attacking anyone affiliated with President Donald Trump that they have failed to appreciate just how qualified his nominees have been.

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