WATCH: Furious 83-Year-Old Goes Gets Brutal Revenge on Car Salesman He Didn’t Like


Salesmen deal with people from all walks of life, and they often encounter some very strange folks — not all of whom are friendly.

A video has circulated the internet showing an elderly man viciously attacking a car salesman over a simple misunderstanding, WTVJ reported.

83-year-old Linsey Owens thought he had won a prize from a flier he received in the mail, so he drove to the Sarasota Square Mall to pick it up.

When he arrived at the mall, he learned that he actually needed to buy a car in order to claim the prize. Understandably, Owens became upset over this, thinking that he had been mislead.

But instead of accepting the mistake and leaving, Owens became quite violent with a car salesman. The salesman filmed the entire attack, which was quite disturbing to watch.

At one point during the attack, Owens actually took a golf club out of his car and used it to strike the salesman.

We’ve all gotten upset with a salesman at some point in our lives, so Owen’s frustration is relatable, but what he did was way out of line.

“He was pretty upset over that. I guess he drove about eight miles to get there and thought he should’ve been entitled to something more than that,” the salesman, 48-year-old Christian Robertson, explained.


In fact, Robertson claimed that he wasn’t even the salesman who told Owens he had to buy a car to receive the prize. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“I did not tell him he had to buy a car to get a prize,” he explained, stating that Owens drove his car down to where Robertson was and hit him with it.

WTSP noted that Owens was arrested on two counts of aggravated battery.

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