WATCH: Fox’s Chris Wallace Puts Anti-Trumper Shep Smith in His Place on Live TV

Foxs Chris Wallace Puts Anti-Trumper Shep Smith in His Place on Live TV

It is one of journalism’s first lessons: Report the news, don’t be the news. On Tuesday, Fox News’ Shepard Smith forgot the lesson — and got schooled by colleague Chris Wallace.

In a heated moment, Smith relentlessly hounded veteran reporter Wallace to denounce President Donald Trump’s relations with the media following a gathering Trump had with media executives prior to his address to congress. But Wallace noted that the event was very pleasant and media-inclusive, with Trump apparently seeking to mend fences, even with organizations he has dubbed as “fake news,” according to Independent Journal Review.

“There were no fireworks at all. In fact, I thought to myself, if people could see this president, who is different in private than he is in public …” Wallace couldn’t finish the thought due to Smith’s relentless interruption.

Smith was like a dog on a bone, badgering the even-tempered Wallace. Trump “wants people to think there’s a major war against people who report facts that he doesn’t like,” said Smith. “But when you’re in the room with him, it’s all good. When you’re on TV, he vilifies you and treats you as if you’re doing something wrong when you’re actually doing everything right. That’s annoying.”

Actually, what’s annoying is Shepard Smith ranting and whining like a 12-year-old. But I digress.

Wallace effectively put Smith in his place with six well-placed and frankly mature words: “He’s never done that with me.”

Watch the video here. The whole thing is interesting, but the conversation warms up about the 5:00 mark:

Rightly reminding Smith that he has “pushed back as hard as anybody” when covering Trump’s relationship with the media, Wallace said, “Look, let’s take ‘yes’ for an answer. Let’s not pick a fight, and the fact was, we were there for an hour with the president. We asked him questions. He answered the questions.”

Shepard Smith is no stranger to allegations of allowing his own liberal bias to take the place of objective reporting.

In July 2016, for instance, when interviewing Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal after the July 2016 shooting of several Baton Rouge police officers, Smith got blatantly on the side of the Black Lives Matter movement, according to BizPacReview.

Twice, he chided Jindal for condemning violence and saying “All lives matter.”

It’s “a very, very divisive phrase that a lot of people hear and become really upset about and I just wonder why you keep using it,” Smith said.

Normal people wouldn’t think it was divisive at all. And normal reporters know they’re supposed to report the news, not make it themselves.

Wallace has undoubtedly spent more time with President Trump than has Smith. His comments are pertinent, unbiased and a credit to his profession.

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