WATCH: Fox Reporter Corners Flag-Banning College Pres., Shoves Foot in Door, Demands Answers


Hampshire College president John Nash may be the most unpopular guy in Amherst, Massachusetts.

After students lowered, then later burned the American flag in response to president-elect Donald Trump‘s election victory, Nash had the wimpiest, most liberal response imaginable, as reported by CNN.

He simply banned the flag on campus.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters headed to Amherst to speak with local veterans, who were disgusted by the removal of old glory from the private, socially liberal “alternative education” college. Watters then confronted Nash in his garage as he arrived home.

That’s when things got dicey.

Walters repeatedly asked Nash to explain his actions. Nash refused to answer, demanding that Walters remove his foot from the door.

“Don’t you think you owe the veterans an explanation?” Watters asked.

Although blocking someone’s door is rude, intrusive and borderline unprofessional, it’s not illegal, as Watters made no threat. No matter: Nash called the cops.

Clearly, he wanted and expected the protection that America provides its citizens … without actually, you know, behaving like one.

When airing the segment, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly called Nash “a villain and a coward.”

You can watch the confrontation here:

Someone has to call out and confront Nash and we applaud Jesse Watters for it. Those who allow desecration of our flag, and refuse to defend it, are no better than those who burn it themselves.

Amherst has an impressive resume of bleeding heart liberalism. This is the liberal “sanctuary city” that famously voted to impeach George W. Bush in 2006. And in the histroric main square, proudly atop the flagpole? The United Nations flag. No stars and stripes to be found.

Last Sunday, ABC News featured some 1,000 veterans and community members peacefully protesting the flag ban. State senate president Stanley Rosenberg, local mayor Domenic Sarno, and congressman John Velis — all Democrats — all supported the return of the flag to its proper place of honor.

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