WATCH: Fox News Viewers Send Brutal Goodbye Message To Megyn Kelly


Closing out her Fox News show Friday evening for the final time, as she had recently announced she was leaving the network to pursue a career at NBC, Megyn Kelly expressed her gratitude to those of her viewers who had stuck with her through the years.

Unfortunately, and somewhat sadly, her gracious words were for the most part met with neither affection nor appreciation on Facebook, where her final monologue was later posted to Fox News’ page.

Of the more than 5,200 comments that had been posted by Saturday morning, the majority were negative and intensely critical of the previously acclaimed network star.

You can see her farewell video here, and read some of the reaction below:

“I’m glad you’re leaving Fox and you’re going over to your comrades and anchor with them and spew out your lies and your venom over there although I really wish that you would tell the truth and quit acting so arrogant and prideful,” the most up-voted comment on the post read.

“I couldn’t stand her on FOX NEWS and I NEVER watch NBC so there’s a 100% certainly and no chance in &^%$ that I’ll be watching her there!” the second top-rated comment read.

It was her highly publicized feud with then-GOP primary nominee Donald Trump that caused her image among the network’s base to plummet like a bad stock.

“We need someone who will stand behind our President-elect Donald Trump,” wrote one user on Facebook. “Your views will match up well with the mainstream media.”

“U should have left Fox a long time ago. We r tired of ur Liberal, leftist agenda,” added another. “U r nasty and confrontational. What u did to Donald Trump during the debates is beyond deplorable.”

There was, however, one young viewer — a high school student, to be exact — who felt differently about her departure.

“It’s good to have hosts who share different opinions, so it isn’t one-sided and so it challenges the viewers,” he wrote. “Good luck, Megyn! This FNC viewer will miss your work.”

Unfortunately for Kelly, this young viewer appeared to be in the minority.

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