WATCH: Fox Host Says “I’m Concerned” as Newsweek Fake News Reporter Melts Down Live on Air


If you have watched any of Tucker Carlson’s new program on Fox News, then you know that he has made it a habit of bringing on liberal guests to confront them with their own words, logic and reason, and then watch them squirm as they try to defend them.

Thursday was no different, as Carlson had as a guest Kurt Eichenwald, senior political writer for Newsweek, about whom Carlson said he had “concerns” before the interview was over and done.

Carlson accused of being partisan while portraying himself as an unbiased journalist, according to The Daily Caller.

The interview got off to a rough start and only proceeded to get worse, as the two talked over each other for much of the segment and Eichenwald studiously refused to answer one simple question for nearly nine minutes.

Using several of Eichenwald’s own tweets as evidence of his partisanship, Carlson eventually settled on one message Eichenwald wrote in September asserting that President-elect Donald Trump had been institutionalized in a mental facility in 1990 with absolutely no proof.

Despite Carlson’s repeatedly asking “Was he in a mental hospital or not?” or some variant thereof, Eichenwald never answered, filibustering and veering off on tangents, even producing a binder which read “Tucker Carlson Falsehoods” on the cover and threatening to expose Carlson’s own supposed lies and partisanship, according to Hot Air.

As Carlson continued to ask the same question, Eichenwald continued to avoid answering it, all the while complaining that Carlson wasn’t giving him a chance to answer it.

With the grueling segment drawing to a close, Carlson gave Eichenwald the floor to finally answer the question without being interrupted, but Eichenwald instead went off on another tangent to talk about the CIA and how the agents should be respected, according to RealClearPolitics.

“I’m starting to have concerns for you Kurt,” Carlson stated. “I’m sorry, we’re out of time Kurt, and I don’t mean this in a cruel way, but I would have real concerns if I were one of your editors, and I mean that.”

“I’m not calling anyone a liar, but I am saying I’m concerned about your behavior on the show tonight.”

You can watch the entire laughable debacle of an interview right here:

Kurt Eichenwald proved himself to be not only just another partisan hack journalist, but a complete joke as well.

For anyone that didn’t witness his breakdown live on air, he provided something a sequel via an absolutely unhinged Twitter rant of literally dozens of posts that were then quickly deleted — but, unfortunately for him, not before someone was able to get a good screenshot of most of his “tweetstorm.”

If this is what constitutes journalism these days, no wonder our nation is in so much trouble with “fake news” and blatantly biased reporting from supposedly unbiased media figures.

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