WATCH: Elderly Man Pepper-Sprayed By Anti-Trump Protester

Elderly Man Pepper-Sprayed By Anti-Trump Protester

Ever since Donald Trump was elected, the low-rent thugs of the “Antifa” movement have slithered onto the national scene. Antifa is a portmanteau that means “anti-fascist,” although their aims seem to be somewhat different than that.

A perfect demonstration of this came on Saturday in Berkeley, California, where protesters showed their opposition to mob rule and violent repression by pepper-spraying a 72-year-old Trump supporter who disagreed with them.

According to the East Bay Times, the assault took place during a pro-Trump rally, one of a number of small rallies in favor of the president that happened across the country.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that the “March 4 Trump” began at the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley. The location was just 10 blocks away from the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, which naturally attracted a lot of counterprotesters — some of whom turned violent.

The man who was pepper-sprayed was identified as Jim Templeton, a septuagenarian who had exchanged some heated words with the counterprotesters. However, no evidence existed that he was violent, only that he had confronted anti-Trump protesters.

In this video, he’s confronting a man who says he will “p*** on that s***” (that s*** being the American flag, according to the tweet).

Templeton challenged him on that and then was pepper-sprayed by an individual who ran away.

The tweet alleged the individual was with the Antifa contingent, although that hadn’t been confirmed by mainstream media. However, it would fit with past behavior by these protesters — and we would really expect the mainstream media to break their backs trying to identify an anti-Trump protester anyway.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported at least 10 arrests, as well as seven injuries. It’s unknown whether this pepper sprayer was among them.

“These people just want to fight,” said Nancy Chase, a Trump supporter. “They are anarchists in black, and it’s not what we are about. I just want to stand up for liberty.”

The event came a little over a month after a Feb. 1 speaking engagement by controversial conservative and former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos was halted by a similar outbreak of violence on the UC Berkeley campus. After that incident, President Trump tweeted that he would consider revoking federal funding from the school if similar incidents restricting free speech occurred on campus.

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