WATCH: Cruz Wiretapping Bomb Leaves Sunday Morning Host Stuttering…”But, But!”

Cruz Wiretapping Bomb Leaves Sunday Morning Host Stuttering

While many political figures have been doubting President Donald Trump’s claims that former President Barack Obama allowed federal agencies to wiretap Trump Towers during the 2016 presidential election, one prominent conservative recently defended the president’s claims.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz recently appeared on “Face The Nation” to discuss the wiretapping allegations with host John Dickerson — allegations the senator thought needed to be “looked into seriously.”

When Dickerson suggested that the allegations that Obama allowed such egregious behavior to take place shouldn’t be believed, Cruz aptly responded that it wouldn’t have been the first time.

“You know, I will point out this is not necessarily as outlandish as everyone in the press suggests,” Cruz explained. “We do know that the Obama administration targeted their political enemies.”

For example, Cruz said, it was no secret that Obama’s IRS targeted conservative citizens who were outspoken defenders of the the Constitution and critics of Obama.

“And so the notion is not necessarily outlandish but it’s serious, so it needs to be based on facts. We should see what the facts are behind this,” he concluded.

“But, but,” Dickerson said, “that equivalency, I mean in this case he’s saying the president of the United States wiretapped him specifically. That is of an order different isn’t it?”

In fact, it’s not that much different, at all.

The IRS acted as a political operative for Obama’s agenda, and it’s nearly unbelievable that they did so without the president’s authorization or, at the very least, his knowledge.

Similarly, it’s unlikely that any federal agency wiretapped a presidential candidate at the height of the election without Obama at least knowing about the egregious actions taking place.

In particular, Cruz pointed to the questionable FISA surveillance applications.

“We do know or at least it’s been publicly reported that there were two FISA applications for some form of surveillance or wiretaps, one of which was turned down by the FISA court of the Obama administration, one of which was granted,” the senator explained. “I think it’s important to learn a little more detail as to what was contained in those FISA applications and I think the investigations will bring that out.”

Watch the interview with Cruz here:

Cruz was right. It certainly is not an outlandish idea that Obama would use federal agencies under his control to target his political opponents.

And it’s certainly worth investigating to determine if Obama had any connections to the alleged wiretapping.

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