WATCH: Crowd Goes Nuts After Trump Holds Up Trump Mask At Rally


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump looked to be having a little bit of fun on his last day of campaigning for the highest office in the country.

While speaking at a rally in Sarasota, Florida, the nominee spotted a Trump mask in the crowd and commented on how it looked just like him. He stepped away from the lectern to get the mask from an audience member, and held it up close to his face for the crowd to see.

“Nice head of hair. I’ll say that. Thank you,” he said before tossing the mask back into the crowd.

“Is there any place more fun to be than a Trump rally?” he asked a roaring crowd.

Trump ended his high-energy campaign with five rallies in five states yesterday, and the amazing thing about all of them is that he didn’t seem to be too tired when they were all done.

Compare that energy level to that of Democrat rival Hillary Clinton, who was obviously so fatigued after her last speech that she had to be propped up by her husband before she boarded a plane last night.

Let’s not forget the episode in September when she collapsed and literally had to be dragged into a van.

That’s about as low-energy as one can get.

Apparently Clinton can’t be bothered with the idea of having fun with her supporters if she’s struggling just to be able to stand up without falling over. She doesn’t appear to have the stamina she needs to run a campaign, much less the country.

We need a leader who has enough energy to handle the overwhelming stress that being president entails.

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