WATCH: Crowd Erupts in Cheer as George H.W. Bush Does Coin Toss at Super Bowl

Crowd Erupts in Cheer as George HW Bush Does Coin Toss at Super Bowl

On Sunday night, millions of Americans tuned in to watch Super Bowl LI, and they got a treat right before the game started when former President George H. W. Bush came onto the field to flip the coin.

As Bush was wheeled onto the field, with his wife Barbara Bush riding alongside him, the crowd in the stadium erupted in cheers for the former president.

Members of both the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons clapped at the sight of America’s 41st president — who a little more than a week ago was recuperating from pneumonia in a hospital.

It was a stirring sight to see Bush appear to the roar of the crowd. For a brief moment, politics was put aside in the stadium as the audience recognized one of America’s great presidents and a truly great human being.

After Bush tossed the coin (which landed on tails), several members of both the Patriots and the Falcons came up and shook the former president’s hand, as well as his wife’s hand.

You can watch the video of Bush here:

It was a touching moment to see Americans united in their praise of a former president who has continued to serve his nation even after his time in office.

Bush was unable to attend President Donald Trump’s inauguration because of his advanced age and shaky health. It was a welcome sight to see Bush smiling and waving to the crowds at the Super Bowl, and those images of him will be with us forever.

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