WATCH: Conservative’s PERFECT Response After Muslim Says Most Muslims Aren’t Terrorists


A little over two years ago, the Heritage Foundation hosted the Benghazi Accountability Coalition, and during the discussion, a Muslim law student asked a question about the “ideological war” against terror, which elicited a response from one of the panelists that was truly superb.

Saba Ahmed, who said she was a law student at American University, asked the panel, according to a transcription via CNS News: “I know that we portray Islam and all Muslims as bad, but there (are) 1.8 billion Muslim followers of Islam. We have 8 million-plus Muslim Americans in this country, and I don’t see them represented here (on the Benghazi panel.)”

“But my question is how can we fight an ideological war with weapons? How can we ever end this war? The jihadist ideology that you talk about — it’s an ideology. How can we ever end this thing if we don’t address it ideologically?”

Brigitte Gabriel, a Christian immigrant from Lebanon and founder of Act! for America, which is a grassroots anti-terrorism organization, responded to the question:

“What I find so amazing, is that since the beginning of this panel — we are here about the Benghazi attack on our people — not one person mentioned Muslims or (said) we are here against Islam. We are here because four Americans died and what our government is doing.”

“We are not here to bash Muslims. You were the one who brought up the issue about ‘most Muslims’ — not us. But since you brought it up, allow me to elaborate with my answer.”

“There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world today,” Gabriel said. “Of course not all of them are radicals. The majority of them are peaceful people. The radicals are estimated to be between 15-25 percent according to all intelligence services around the world.”

“That leaves 75 percent of (Muslims being) peaceful people. But when you look at 15-25 percent of the world’s Muslim population, you’re looking at 180 million to 300 million people dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization. That is as big as the United States,” Gabriel continued.

“So why should we worry about the radical 15-25 percent? Because it is the radicals that kill. Because it is the radicals that behead and massacre,” she said.

Gabriel went on to detail groups throughout history where a minority of horrific people “drove the agenda” and did horrific things. To drive the point home, she focused in on what happened right here in America — Sept. 11:

“On Sept. 11 in the United States we had 2.3 million Arab Muslims living in the United States. It took 19 hijackers — 19 radicals — to bring America to its knees, destroy the World Trade Center, attack the Pentagon and kill almost 3,000 Americans that day.”

“So for all our power of reason, and for all us talking about moderate and peaceful Muslims, I’m glad you’re here. But where are the others speaking out?” Gabriel asked.

Gabriel challenged Ahmed for essentially focusing on identity politics and a victim mentality instead of what the discussion was about — the four Americans who died in Benghazi, Libya.

Ahmed continued to miss the point and whine despite claiming that she cared about the Benghazi victims. That’s when talk radio host Chris Plante jumped in and drove it home: “Can you tell me the head of the Muslim peace movement?” after he made it clear that he understood her point and agreed that the war won’t be won with the military alone.

“I guess it’s me right now,” she responded.

You can watch a clip of the discussion below:

There’s not much to say after Gabriel and Plante’s strong words. There is a serious problem with ideology here, as Ahmed pointed out — but not in the way she meant.

Political correctness stops us from dealing with the dangerous ideology that runs throughout a large segment of Islam — something peaceful Muslims need to deal with and should embrace peaceful nations doing, instead of condemning them.

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