WATCH: CNN Guest FREAKS on Air When Trump Supporter Touches His Arm

CNN Guest FREAKS on Air When Trump Supporter Touches His Arm

Many years ago, conservative pundit and psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer identified a new mental illness striking liberals — Bush Derangement Syndrome. BDS caused those on the left to become incredibly angry and incoherent whenever they had to deal with anything to do with our nation’s 43rd president.

In 2017, a more virulent strain of BDS has emerged — Trump Derangement Syndrome. And as New York Times columnist Charles Blow demonstrated on CNN, he’s clearly showing symptoms of a very advanced case of the disease.

Blow, who — quelle surprise — is not a big Donald Trump fan, was appearing on Don Lemon’s late-night CNN panel show last week.

On the show with Blow was Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany, who had talked about some in the media having “sinister motives” in their coverage of the White House. She also touched Blow’s arm during the conversation. Things definitely… took a turn from there.

“Don’t do that,” Blow said. “Don’t touch me and say that’s your ‘sinister motivations.’ That’s not going to happen tonight.”

When McEnany said that she would scoot over to give Blow his personal space, Blow continued to go off on her.

“You can scoot until you fall off that ledge,” Blow replied. “What I’m telling you is, don’t touch me and while you’re saying I’m sinister.”

So, just so we’re clear, Blow was upset over his personal space being invaded, so he began invading McEnany’s personal space, waving his hands and trying to intimidate her. When she moved away, he basically told her to scoot herself off of “that ledge.” Nobody seems to be talking about the misogynist aspect of that. Gee, I wonder why..

Look, I can understand that someone touching your arm may be annoying, but blowing up on CNN after it happens isn’t exactly going to win you any supporters if you’re trying to pass as being in the right (or sane, as the case may be).

It’s also another sign that Trump Derangement Syndrome is an epidemic, and likely isn’t going to go away for another four years at the very least.

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