WATCH: CNN Devotes Airtime to a 3-Year-Old Trump Tweet About Obama and Stairs

CNN Devotes Airtime to a 3-Year-Old Trump Tweet About Obama and Stairs

To further illustrate the network’s decline into oblivion, someone at CNN decided it would be a good idea to run a segment on President Donald Trump and what they believe to be his fear of stairs.

Much like the rest of their hard-hitting investigative pieces, CNN had literally nothing on which to base its claims.

The network took video footage of Trump helping British Prime Minister Theresa May walk down a ramp during her White House visit in January and coupled that with an old tweet in which Trump questioned former President Barack Obama’s habit of hopping down stairs. They also pointed out Trump always looks down when he walks down stairs.

From this combination, they guessed Trump might be suffering from a fear of stairs, or bathmophobia.

We can assume from this riveting piece that CNN executives deemed other serious issues of the day simply unworthy of their attention.

Take a look at this ridiculous segment from Wednesday’s “New Day”:

This piece is about as dumb as it is insulting. There was little to no concern for presidential candidates and stairs some months ago, when former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton could hardly hold herself up, much less make it up a flight of stairs without assistance. There was also no serious segment about her passing out and being tossed into a van.

Yet Trump mentioning how Obama hopped down stairs three years ago, and helping a woman walk across a ramp three months ago, is big news now. No wonder the network is a laughingstock to most thinking Americans.

The left and their constant attacks on Trump are beyond astonishing. Turning a 3-year-old tweet that mentions Obama and stairs into a discussion about how Trump might have a fear of stairs proved just how much CNN is a network for Democrat Party whose aim is to trash Trump.

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