WATCH: CNN Claims Interview With Lawmaker Is “Live,” Cavuto Calls Them Out

CNN Claims Interview With Lawmaker Is Live Cavuto Calls Them Out

In what appeared to be an attempt to keep the moniker of “fake news” alive and well, CNN ran with some “breaking News” Tuesday, which could not have been breaking unless the news agency has discovered time travel.

CNN ran a reportedly “live” segment Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., on about 4:45 p.m. EST.

However, at about that same time (4:44 p.m. EST), C-SPAN 3 ran a live segment that showed Sasse seated at Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

Fox News host Neil Cavuto first spotted the flub.

“That is one busy guy,” Cavuto said. “He pops up and splits himself into multiple locations.”

No kidding.

Below is the video where Tapper is speaking with Sasse “live.”

But wait minute. Here’s C-SPAN’s coverage of Sasse at almost exactly the same time:

That’s hilarious considering the fact that Tapper recently told The Hollywood Reporter that his son calls him “fake news.”

CNN should be embarrassed for making this kind of mistake. Especially since the news agency is faced with a defamation lawsuit, in which it stands accused of fudging numbers.

Instead of trying to save or even repair its reputation, the network continues to run old news stories, passing them off as “breaking” and hoping no one notices. At this point, it wouldn’t be surpassing to see CNN try to get away with somehow claiming that it could transport individuals.

The bad news for CNN is that the network is in trouble. Most thinking Americans are on to the tricks they play and no longer consider them a reliable source of real news.

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