WATCH: CNN Anchors Caught Joking About Trump’s Plane Crashing Off-Air


Just when you thought the hate couldn’t get any worse, all of a sudden it does.

We all know that Leftists across the country are rather hostile towards Trump and his supporters, even going to lengths of faking hate crimes to paint the Trump crowd in as negative a light as possible.

But how about if news anchors, of a supposedly respectable major network, joked about Donald Trump’s plane crashing? Well, that just happened too.

You have to see it for yourself. The part where the crew joked about the crash is toward the end of the video.


Now, granted, one of the crew members stated that “nobody killed, just injured,” but does that diminish the despicable nature of such jesting? Absolutely not.

They are conveying a mocking attitude towards the President-elect being injured or even killed in a plane crash. That’s nothing to be joking about; it is a serious issue, this is the elected leader of what we presume to be the free world.

And they’re joking about him being in a plane crash? Would it be any different if it were Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton, or Shannon Watts, or any other human being?

Joking about such matters is despicable, and it shows a total lack of dignity and respect on the part of this crew. Even off the air, I would say especially off the air, such things should not be discussed in a mocking manner. Would this crew appreciate if the right joked about them being killed in a plane crash?

They could brush it off all they wanted, but deep down that does hurt. Such treatment is unacceptable in civilized society. This kind of mockery must be harshly denounced by both sides, and called out any time someone engages in it.

We should not be wishing death or harm on our political leaders, even if we disagree strongly with them. We’re better than that. Even if Hillary were the President-elect, we should not be wishing harm on her.

Now, is it wrong to say that she should answer for her crimes? No, of course not, that’s justice. But to wish harm on someone because you disagree with them? That’s despicable and unacceptable every time, all the time.

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H/T Twitchy