WATCH: Classic Clip of Trump Hitting Sharpton… No More White House Invites!

Classic Clip of Trump Hitting Sharpton No More White House Invites

If by chance race hustler Rev. Al Sharpton believes he will be able to weasel his way back into the White House once President Barack Obama leaves office and President-elect Donald Trump takes his place, he is most certainly delusional.

Trump has seemed plenty aware of the duplicitous con man’s true nature and knows better than ever to trust either Sharpton or any of his cronies.

For proof, one need only listen to what Trump told Fox News three years ago, only days after anti-cop zealot Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley murdered two New York Police Department officers. According to a New York Daily News report then, Brinsley had committed the murders “in a twisted bid to avenge the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.”

“I live in New York and I know Al Sharpton very well,” Trump said when asked by co-host Steve Doocy about whether he believed the race hustler’s rhetoric had played a role in the murders, as reported by Real Clear Politics. “I’ve dealt with him many times over the years … Some people would call him a con man.”

Con man, race hustler, race baiter, hack — you get the picture.

“I think he’s just doing it for himself,” he continued. “He has a lot of fun doing it and he goes out and he pretends that he cares deeply and you wonder what goes on in his mind. But it’s a disgrace that he’s leading a group of people.”

Listen to his full statement below:

As an example of Sharpton being a hack, Doocy noted that the charlatan reverend had begun trying to distract from his culpability in the New York City murders by claiming that he was receiving death threats.

“Al is a professional con man and Al can turn things around by doing things like that,” Trump said. “That was very smart of him to do. All of a sudden it’s about him and people aren’t blaming him. They’re saying, ‘Let’s feel sorry for Al.’”

“He’s a con man,” he concluded. “He knows it. I know it.”

Truth be told, everyone knows it — except of course Barack Obama, who still considers Sharpton to be a genuine civil rights leader, so far as we know.

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