WATCH: The Bombshell Clip Liberal Senator Cory Booker Doesn’t Want You to See

The Bombshell Clip Liberal Senator Cory Booker Doesnt Want You to See

In 2012, it took at least a few weeks for the presidential horse race to begin. Thankfully, we live in space year 2016, where everything happens at the speed of light — including cynicism.

Sen. Cory Booker, the New Jersey self-described superhero of Newarkish origin, is looking to take his act national by not just opposing the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for the post of attorney general, but actively testifying against it.

According to CNN, Booker was the first senator ever to testify against a cabinet nominee. And why would he do that? Conviction? No. Self-sacrificing beliefs? Nah.

Presidential posturing? You bet.

See, Booker is one of the top candidates for president in 2020 if the Democrats don’t decide to dig up Hillary Clinton’s corpse (I’m assuming she’s culturally dead) or Joe Biden’s intelligence (which was lost with the Chilean miners).

So, what did Booker have to say about Sessions when the two were working together in the Senate? I bet it was brutal. Serious. Savage.

Something like this:

Or “blessed” and “honored.” Whatever.

And where are the media with this clip, I must ask? Where, in the orgy of public opinion regarding Donald Trump, is an honest viewing of this video? Nowhere. There isn’t a word.

The fact that this senator’s preposterous decision to “testify” — and I use those quotes in all seriousness because I can’t quite ascertain how serious the left is when it comes to opposing Donald Trump — is being treated with the thoughtfulness it’s being given is beyond belief.

The hypocrisy of the left when it comes to opposing Trump is also beyond belief. They want to say that they’re against his nominees, except when they’ve been for them. This is yet another example of the double standard the Democrat Party has forced upon the American people, and why we should rightly reject their vision for America.

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H/T Washingon Free Beacon