WATCH: Boeing Employees Chant “USA, USA” as Trump is Introduced at Rally

Boeing Employees Chant USA USA as Trump is Introduced at Rally

On Friday, President Donald Trump took the opportunity to visit a Boeing factory in South Carolina to oversee the launch of Boeing’s new 787-10 Dreamliner, and to speak to the employees who were there.

A few thousand employees gathered in a hanger to listen to Trump speak. When Trump was introduced, the crowd started cheering loudly, and that cheering soon evolved into a chant of “USA USA USA!”

Trump himself partook in the chant for a few seconds, grinning broadly and savoring the moment. For someone who has been cooped up in Washington surrounded by politicians and phonies for four weeks, interacting with ordinary Americans must have been a relief.

During the speech, Trump praised Boeing, and the American workers who produce its planes, NPR reported. Much of Trump’s speech was focused on jobs.

“We are here to celebrate American engineering. We are also here to celebrate jobs, jobs,” Trump said to an excited crowd.

You can watch Trump’s full remarks here:

Fox News noted that the crowd in the hangar was particularly happy when Trump mentioned lowering taxes and slashing regulations — something that would most certainly boost business in America.

For Trump, this visit was a chance to show his supporters that he hasn’t been sucked into the swamp of Washington. He is still fighting for the American people and he is following through on his campaign promises.

Despite the scandals that the liberal media has tried to blow out of proportion, Trump has stayed true to his word and has worked with business leaders and others from around the country to encourage innovation and investment in America.

Trump has indicated that he will be releasing his tax plan in a few weeks, along with a series of other major announcements aimed at improving the country’s business environment.

If Trump’s tax plan lives up to expectations, you could see an explosion of business investment in America, which is something this country sorely needs.

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