WATCH: Bloomberg Editor Can’t Take It, Openly Mocks Hillary’s Russia Excuses on Live TV


Bloomberg Politics Managing Editor Mark Halperin appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Tuesday and ridiculed the Democrats for some of the reasons they came up with for losing the presidential election.

When asked about his take on how Democrats are responding to their loss, he cracked a joke about how the Russians were somehow responsible for it.

“(T)here were Russian troops on the Iowa-Wisconsin border that kept Hillary Clinton from going in,” he said. “So, that was one thing.”

That’s hilarious, and Halperin made a great point with it. You can watch it here:

Halperin went on to say that The New York Times continuing to publish stories to push for ending the Electoral College was doing nothing to help the Democrat Party understand why it lost the election — and has lost seats nationally and across the states for a decade.

He added that voters had clearly expressed that they wanted a change, and the thing for Democrats to do now was to decide where the fight was going to be — and suggested that it would be best to stop blaming everyone else for what went wrong during the campaign.

But they haven’t turned that corner yet. Instead of accepting responsibility and trying to come up with new ideas that include revitalizing the economy, they still want to target the Electoral College, and when that doesn’t seem to work, they move on to blaming the Russians for meddling in the election.

Blaming others did not help Clinton earn a single vote, and it won’t help Democrats win votes in any future elections.

The liberal blame game is ridiculous, and Halparin gets that the Democrats are in denial. He also understands that as long as they continue to blame others, they damage their party more.

Which we’re not exactly complaining about.

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