WATCH: Bikers For Trump Break Through Inaugural Protest


In response to the disturbing reports of DisruptJ20’s plans to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the Bikers for Trump group promised that they would provide security if necessary. On Friday, the protesters decided to create what appeared to be a human chain to block people from getting to where they needed to be and the bikers were not having it.

Conservative Outfitters reported:

Video has surfaced showing one of the “Bikers for Trump” busting through a human blockade. DisruptJ20 protesters positioned themselves near entrances to President Donald Trump’s inauguration forming a human chain. It appears the protesters were trying to prevent the biker’s wife from attending the inauguration.

You can watch the video below:

You’ve got to love the ignorant protester that whined, “You’re on camera” to the biker as he cleared the way for someone to get through the physical barrier the protesters, most likely illegally, created to stop people from getting to where they need to go.

Although I’m no lawyer, I would imagine the action of physically barring someone from getting to where they have the right to go is illegal.

While it’s also probably illegal to physically move those people, it’s laughable to hear the snowflake off camera whine that the biker was on camera when the protesters were also on camera stopping people from exercising their rights.

Hopefully law enforcement stepped in at some point to break this chain up if there was no other way around them to get from point a to point b or if it was particularly difficult to do so. They shouldn’t be able to get away with that.

As far as the biker goes, although you can’t encourage laying hands on someone (no matter how smug and self satisfied these malcontent turds are), his actions were completely understandable. The act of blocking people from getting where they need to go is an assault of their rights.

Sometimes the law needs to meet common sense halfway …

On another note, how pathetic are these protesters anyway? Their ignorant bigotry toward Trump and millions of Americans has been evidenced strongly once again after Trump’s victory and this protest is a striking example.

Their ignorant argument often centers on some false belief that they are going to lose critical rights because of Trump — a fear mongering tactic used by the left.

It would be one thing to peacefully protest, although it seems to me that if you’re going to protest there should be a purpose and I’ve heard no protester yet explain reasonably what they expect to accomplish, but in response to their irrational fear of losing rights, they are actively obstructing the rights of others.

Such is the intolerance of the Left.

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