WATCH: Biker Captures Moment Man Has Stroke While Driving, Smashes Light Pole


A biker driving down a Florida highway captured the moments when a driver who was apparently having a stroke lost control of his car.

“Throttle Fritz,” who uploaded the video to YouTube on Dec. 9, recorded the incident with his helmet cam. He noticed the driver swerving on the highway at first and drove up beside the car to get the driver to pull over. Instead of pulling over, the man began to drive off the road for several minutes. He took down a light pole and swerved off the road and onto the embankment before his car stalled.

During the ordeal, the motorcyclist stayed close to the car and tried to motion the man to pull over or stop, but his efforts were useless. The car stopped only after experiencing two flats and stalling out.

After the car stopped and the motorcyclist and others pulled over to assist the man, they realized that he was unresponsive because something was horribly wrong. The driver could hardly move, and he wasn’t speaking coherently.

Two nurses who pulled over to offer their assistance determined that the man was having a stroke. They called for help and cared for the man until help arrived.

The man behind the wheel, who was not identified, was taken to a hospital. According to road signs in the video, the incident took place on Interstate 95 near Jacksonville.

“Throttle Fritz” reported on his YouTube channel a few days after he uploaded the video that the man was home and recovering, which is wonderful news.

This man was certainly lucky that he didn’t hurt himself or anyone else during this frightening experience. It’s also good to know that those who witnessed the scene acted quickly and got him the help he needed. Good Samaritans who help out strangers deserve all the credit they get.

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