WATCH: Baseball Players Forced to Lay on Ground to Avoid Swarm of Bees

Baseball Players Forced to Lay on Ground to Avoid Swarm of Bees

Baseball season is almost upon us, and right now all the teams are in the final days of spring training. There are often a few good stories out of spring training, but this year one particular incident on the field has gone viral.

During a spring training game between the Padres and Rockies in Arizona, the pitcher, home plate umpire and batter suddenly hit the deck during the top of the ninth inning, Fox News reported.

These players weren’t attempting to start some new fad — they were trying to get out of the way of a swarm of bees that had decided to ruin a great baseball game by invading the field.

Talk about a buzz kill.

Thankfully, none off the players (or spectators) were stung by the bees. Eventually, the intruders swarmed around a microphone on the field, and then buzzed off to go do whatever it is bees like to do in Arizona.

CBS Sports noted that seeing games get interrupted by bees during spring training isn’t unusual — in fact it happens every year in Arizona and Florida. However, seeing baseball players hit the deck is most definitely unusual.

Fox Sports noted that the bees didn’t really change the outcome of the game as the Rockies won 10-5, but it did give a few players a chance to demonstrate their impressive reflexes.

Baseball players certainly do see it all. They play in all sorts of weather and in all sorts of conditions. At least during the World Series, the players don’t have to worry about bees — they usually just have to worry about a super early snow fall.

Maybe this bee drama is a sign that this year’s baseball season will the most exciting to date (though it’s hard to top having the Cubs win the World Series).

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