WATCH: Angry Anti-Trump Woman Shouts “This Is My America” As Trump Wins Electoral Vote


President-elect Donald Trump was never in danger of losing the Electoral College; don’t let liberals fool you.

Unfortunately, it appeared that at least one woman in Wisconsin didn’t understand that and let her state’s 10 electors have it when they voted according to the majority vote in their state.

Perhaps more unfortunately, it is unclear whether or not she realized that absolutely no one cared about her opinion, no matter how strong it was. In the video shown below, she was screaming, among other things, “This is my America!”

Take a look at the video below — it’s as enjoyable as they come — and imagine being thus immortalized:

“You’re pathetic!” the woman shouted. “You don’t deserve to be in America!” she added, with a vigorous karate-chop to the air.

“This is my America! MY America!” she continued. “Take me out if you must, but this is my America!”

In fact it’s no one person’s America, not even our incoming president’s.

This is our America. It’s not one party’s America, one race’s America or one religion’s America. It doesn’t matter who is in power. Assuming that America is yours to lose might just lose your party the presidency.

The Democrats might figure that out by the next election, but I hope not. It’s fun to dominate elections.

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