Washington Post Blames Trump for Massive Failure on The Part of Obama

Washington Post Blames Trump for Massive Failure on The Part of Obama

The Washington Post is showing how it and other mainstream media outlets embarrass themselves by trying to discredit President Donald Trump when they should be holding former President Barack Obama’s feet to the fire.

In a lengthy story intended to make Trump look bad for his recent tough stance toward Iran, the news outlet ended up backhandedly pointing out but not acknowledging Obama’s failure in dealing with the terrorist nation.

The Post story, “Trump wants to push back against Iran, but Iran is now more powerful than ever,” suggested that Trump’s position might be a mistake now that Iran is stronger than ever.

The Post pointed out that a return to tensions with Tehran could be dangerous because now the U.S. will be facing a “far stronger Iran, one that has taken advantage of the past six years of turmoil in the Arab world to steadily expand its reach and military capabilities.”


Uh, how do you suppose Iran got that way?

The Post failed miserably to point out that Iran is significantly stronger because of Obama’s nuclear deal with the country, a deal that included hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Post had plenty of time to express concern and even outrage over Obama’s nuclear deal, but instead chose to cover it lightly, highlighting Obama’s diplomatic side and his desire to pursue a conciliatory path.

There is no conciliatory path when dealing with terrorists.

This headline is all the proof we need to see how liberals operate. They have decided to see the Iran threat only after Trump decided to put Iran “on notice.”

It’s good to know The Post is waking up to the reality that Iran is dangerous — but it’s too bad they decided to do it in a way that shows absolutely no support for our president and that fails to acknowledge how the Obama administration made Iran stronger.

If they can admit that Iran is stronger, they should also admit that it is because of Obama.

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