Waitress Is Only Person Nice to Rude Customer. Then She Learns He Left Her Something in His Will…


How do we truly love the unlovable? This is hard to do, but Melina Salazar showed a very mean man kindness and served him well.

Salazar has been a waitress at Luby’s in Brownsville, Texas, for 16 years. Over the years, she has served many people but no one like Walter “Buck” Swords.

Salazar told reporters, “He was very mean. He would cuss at the girls. He was very mean.”

Swords, an 89-year-old WWII veteran, had been coming into the restaurant for the past seven years. He was a rude, mean, and demanding veteran whom no one liked to serve.

“He was kinda like mean to the girls,” said Salazar. “He wanted everything his way. He wanted his food very hot. He would burn himself.”

But Salazar always served him with a smile, and people say she was the only one that could handle all his eating habits and demanding ways.

Even though he was a bit of a curmudgeon, Salazar went on to say, “I had patience and you know, I just took care of him.”

During the summer, Swords stopped coming to the restaurant. Salazar didn’t realize he had passed away until she found his name in the local obituaries.

A few days before Christmas, Salazar was given a huge surprise from Swords. He had left her $50,000 and a Buick in his will!

“I couldn’t believe it,” Salazar said while shaking her head. “I was so nervous and I still can not believe it.”

She was rewarded greatly with her kindness to man who was a war hero and didn’t have anyone else to turn to. It leaves us wondering what his life was like after he came back from the war.

Salazar’s last words were to other servers out there, “I hope all the other waitresses out there to have patience with the customers. Sometimes they cuss at you but just ignore them, smile, be nice.”

We never know what people are going through. Everyone has a story. We all need to give grace just as Christ gives us grace everyday!

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Source: liftable.com